As an expert manufacturer, Special Magnesium offering Professional Custom Magnesium Anode Cathodic Protection Solution to prolong your Project lifespan.

Larger Capacity, Better Price.

Annual production up to 5,000 tons & lower wholesale price.

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

Save you more and generate higher profitability with 100KG MOQ

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

Compliance of ISO9001 and ASTM B843, strictly production to guarantee quality.

We’re Revolutionary Products

Cast Magnesium Anodes "D" Shape

High Potential Magnesium Anode "S" Shape

Magnesium Sacrificial Anodes "R" Shape

Water Heater Magnesium Anode

Prepackaged Sacrificial Anode

High Strength Magnesium Alloy Bar

What Set Us Aparts

Strong Capability

Our high production capacity of 5,000 tons per year ensures that we can meet our customers’ needs with fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and reliable product availability.

In House Manufacturing

Our factory-produced anodes offer superior protection in harsh environments and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Trust our high-quality anodes to prevent costly repairs.

No Middle Man,Factory Price

With our competitive pricing and all-in-one solutions, we can help you achieve your project goals with exceptional quality. Trust us to deliver the best value and comprehensive support every step of the way.

Engineer Supports

Our experts provide guidance on product selection, installation, and maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance to maximize the lifespan and cost-effectiveness of your investment.

We’re There Every Step of The Way

Magnesium Anode

5000 Tons Magnesium Anode & 3000 Tons Magnesium Alloy Materials (Bar/Sheet) Per Year

Special Magnesium give you access to 5000 tons Magnesium Anode& Magnesium alloy materials (bar/sheet) . If you truly need a custom Solution, we will help you design and engineer it.

Raw Material Preparation

Special Magnesium use the Pidgeon process to produce high-purity magnesium ingots allows for the manufacture of high-quality magnesium anodes with excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight design. This economical and versatile option can be adapted to various environments, improving equipment reliability and durability while lowering maintenance costs.

Melting and Casting

Magnesium or magnesium alloy ingots are melted in a furnace and cast into the desired anode shape by adding intermediate alloys such as: zinc, aluminum, etc. The most common shapes of magnesium anodes are R, D and S, but depending on your project, other shapes can be produced.

Surface Preparation

At this point in the process, we perform surface treatment on the magnesium anode through grinding and polishing. Following that, we apply markings including the production lot number onto the product’s surface through spraying.

Spectral Analysis

By utilizing a spectral spectrometer imported from Germany, we can swiftly and precisely identify the composition of both the Magnesium Anode and Magnesium alloy bar. This process ensures the superior quality of the products and prolongs your Project service life.

Quality Control

The finished magnesium anodes are subjected to a battery of tests to ensure their quality and performance. These tests may include:


Cathodic Protection Pipeline

Magnesium Rod Water Heater

Cathodic Protection on Ships

Wind Turbine Solutions

Cathodic Protection Concrete

Storage Tanks Protection

Solar Mounting Solutions

Jetty Cathodic Protection

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